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My name is Somerled Karlsson. I love to use old analogue cameras. In the dark-room I make Silver Gelatin copies on fiber based paper.
I had my first camera in childhood. The passion and curiosity have stayed with me. My most recent acquisition is a pinhole camera from Belarus, Perle Cubo made of wood.
My goal is to show the genuine beauty of nature.

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Genuine Silver Gelantin

Analog photography — Genuine Silver Gelantin

Analogue Photos

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Donata, Zeiss Ikonta 9 x 12


Kiev 60, Mediumformat 6 x 6




Rollei 35




Olympus OM1 and OM2



Zorki 4




Perle Cubo 10×10


Liesegang enlarger for negative up to 10 x 15 cm




Dichronic Quodgon enlarger for negative up to 6 x 9 cm


Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai

Developing tanks

Photographic film

Photographic paper


Bessa Zeiss 6×9

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